A Small Footprints Journey is Good for the Soul!

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Traveling around the world makes your soul sing and shine…..but a journey that is good for your soul lasts a lifetime. Our SFT trips make your travel dreams come true !

With a small group (max 12 travelers) we experience the world in a more conscious present way. And the photographs we make facilitate the memories of shared understandings.

Small Footprint Travelers journey in harmony with the cultures and peoples at our destination countries. With a spirit of discovery and exploration, we enjoy a more intimate immediate awareness, understanding, and lasting experience (encounter).

The long-lasting benefits to you of visiting a foreign country far outweigh the time and costs to get there. When you get away from your home and your usual routine, you benefit by exercising both your mind and body. Travel does sharpen the mind!

On our journeys, we balance the time to blend enriching activities and also give you free time on your own, when you so desire. Being with our expert guides will open your eyes to the less visited parts of their countries. We do not follow the tourist crowds.

Having genuine unscripted experiences in a foreign land is transformational and enlightening. The daily human encounters on our journeys reward your discovery and offer the potential for personal transformation. Those moments of interacting with people in a new culture can shift your perspective and stimulate self-discovery.

The transformational moments on our journeys occur when you least expect them….witnessing Burmese Buddhist monks walking barefoot humbly seeking alms of food….dancing with the Bolivian campesinos during a harvest fertility ritual…..floating along the Mekong in Thailand or Laos, stopping at a village to learn how women weave and be invited to share a cup of tea. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

SFT takes care of the multitude of travel details to allow you to fully be in the moment. Without the worry of hotel bookings, finding food or transportation, you will have the time to try new things. Learning to say hello in a new language will bring smiles, welcome and warmth. Come with us and nurture your spirit and soul.