Did We Say Cuba?

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Direct Flights to Cuba.

A number of American carriers have initiated direct flights to Cuba. This makes traveling to the island much easier as you do not have to transit through Miami. For example, there are non stops between Los Angeles – Havana, Charlotte-Havana, Atlanta – Havana, JFK – Havana and more. Also there are direct flights from the US to other cities on the island such as Camaguey, Holguin, Cienfuegos and Santiago.

The cost of these flights is competitive as there is an overcapacity of flights at the moment–winter 2016/2017.

You can still not go as simply a tourist boarding a flight. You need to qualify for one of 12 approved visa categories.

The next Small Footprint Travels tour to Cuba will be from November 8 – 19, 2017, visiting Havana, Cienfuegos, and Viñales. Our group size is small–10 people–and we have 3 places remaining.


Dinosaurs Galore

10,000 dinosaur tracks discovered in Bolivia

Over 10,000 dinosaur tracks are found in Bolivia. Photo by Igor Sasin

As we look forward to our next Small Footprint Travels tour in Bolivia, a recent discovery puts this country atop yet another list with having the greatest number of dinosaur footprints in the world! It is true that there is a new discovery of over 5,000 dinosaur footprints, including those of two new species, in the Cal Orcko outcrop near Sucre, an area already known to have 5,000 tracks of this kind. We will go visit and photograph these on our tour in August.

The researchers have now found footprints of several species, including two that were previously unknown, and which will be named after Sucre and Cal Orcko.

“What is most important is that Cal Orcko is the largest site anywhere in the world, there’s no other site with more than 10,000 dinosaur tracks, it’s a record on the planet, it’s fantastic,” a dinosaur expert told the media.

Dinosaur tracks preserved in Bolivia

Bolivia has the largest number of dinosaur tracks found in the world.

Most of the tracks have been traced to massive titanosaurs, king carnivore theropods, “bird-hipped” ornithopods and armored ankylosauruses, although experts estimate more than eight species are represented.


Bolivian Grandmothers Stay Young Playing Handball

As we age, some aches and pains take longer to heal, but there are Bolivian grandmothers living near La Paz who have discovered a way to ward off the aches—it is to play team handball.

That is correct, once a week, grandmothers and a few great grandmothers get together to play team handball, an Olympic sport. Watch this heartwarming video to see them in action.

There are a few places available on our Small Footrprint Travels tour in Bolivia from August 18 to September 2. Register now for a journey through one of the world’s most gorgeous and culturally diverse countries. Join us on our food, wine and photography adventure to the Land of Hugs!


Did we say Cuba?

We have been asked many times to organize a tour to Cuba. I have visited “the island” three times, the last time being for a one-person show in Havana of my photographs taken in Cuba and in Bolivia.

Dancing in Havana

Celebrating the Cuban Film Festival for Children in Havana, Cuba. © Benjamin Porter

As President Obama has eased some of the travel restrictions to visit and spend money in Cuba, now is the time to go before the floodgates open and American tourists swarm the island. US citizens must still travel with a specially sanctioned travel provider to visit legally.

This will be a fully sanctioned and legal trip to Cuba occurring in March of 2016. If you are interested in receiving further information about going with us on our small group to Cuba, let us know here.  Write “Interested in Cuba” in the Message box. Many people will be interested, so you will want to get on our list now.

Quinciñera Celebration in Santiago de Cuba

The 15th birthday for young women in Latin America is auspicious and widely celebrated. A family brought their daughter to a hotel in downtown Santiago to make her portraits.                      © Benjamin Porter


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