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Join us to discover Cuba, the enchanting island long off-limits to Americans. With our legal tour, you will experience the Cuban people, their music and art in Havana, photograph the French-inspired architecture of Cienfuegos and walk in the beautiful countryside of Viñales.

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Embark on a journey to glorious Greece, where ancient history and breathtaking landscapes meet under sunlit skies. Explore the cradle of civilization, walking in the footsteps of philosophers and gods, and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty that has inspired adventurers for millennia.

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Discover the enchanting beauty of Thailand, a land where vibrant traditions and rich history blend with lush landscapes and pristine beaches. Experience the warmth of Thai hospitality, explore opulent temples, and indulge in a culinary journey that will tantalize your senses and leave you longing for more.

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“Our travels with Small Footprint Travels to Bolivia was everything we could hope for: dramatic scenery, interesting customs, and plenty of opportunity to encounter Bolivians from many parts of society.” -Seth, on the Bolivia Tour

“You are a truly wonderful tour leader and I would go on ANY tour with you again. You have the utmost of integrity and are passionate about what you do!”-Susie, on the Myanmar Tour

“The trip was a big bargain—covered a lot of territory. Wonderfully varied itinerary and excellent guide and tour leader.” -Carole & Bob, on the Myanmar Tour

“The time spent in the markets and towns made for a very intimate experience interacting with the people. Thank you for a truly great trip!” –Vicky, on the Bolivia Tour

“The cuisine and guides were superb…what a custom and personalized tour Small Footprint Travels provides. Definitely will travel with you again!” — Doug, on the Myanmar Tour

“What could be better than arriving by boat on an island with no cars and hearing the drums of the harvest dance just beginning, and we were the only tourists there!”   — Kathy, on the Bolivia Tour

“You made each of us feel special on the tour. Introduced us to places we would never have discovered on our own. And showed us how to capture it all through our camera lenses.” — Judi, on the Myanmar Tour

“Your enthusiasm for Bolivia has been an inspiration … You were a delight to travel with and I look forward to the Myanmar journey with Small Footprint Travels.” — Helen on the Bolivia Tour


“You have done excellent research to plan a wonderful, memorable experience for us…an amazing trip. Many thanks.” 

— Susan, on the Myanmar Tour


“This group of people was so fantastic to travel with. I’ve never before had such a satisfactory group experience.”  — Pat, on the Myanmar Tour

  • Seth/Bolivia
  • Susie/Myanmar
  • Carole&Bob/Myanmar
  • Vicky/Bolivia Tour
  • Doug S/Myanmar
  • Kathy T/Bolivia
  • Judi J/Myanmar
  • Helen W/Bolivia
  • Susan R/Myanmar
  • Pat F/Myanmar
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